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Money-Saving Secrets Your Computer Consultant May Not Want You To Know

Finding a capable computer consultant is a lot like finding a good mechanic; they both operate in fields where the technician can easily over sell a client because they play on their customer’s lack of technical knowledge. The problem is that you won’t know you’ve hired the wrong consultant until you are halfway into your project and have already invested a considerable amount of time and money.

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Food Service Monthly – November 2009

Over the last year, Michael Tash, Vice President of Customer Relations at ESS has been sharing with our readers his insight into how you can use technology to be more efficient and more profitable. The recent Mid-Atlantic Food, Beverage & Lodging EXPO gave us the opportunity to talk to Mike and Jason Thompson, Vice President of Operations about developments in their technology world and how they affect our readers.

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Looking at New Computer Systems?

Are you in the process of looking at a new computer system? Regardless of whether you are looking at a system for your office or restaurant, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when installing systems that will help run your operations and store all of your critical data.

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On August 13th, 2009 a musical icon and innovator, guitarist Les Paul, died. He was 94. If it wasn’t for him the electric guitar would be very different, multi-track recording technology may have never progressed and sound effects such as electronic echos may have never been created. After hearing of his death it made me think of all the technology innovations that are just moving into everyday life.

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Technology and Getting More Customer Visits!

Last week was my birthday. I was surprised how many promotions I received in my e-mail that week. Out of nowhere I got a 20 percent off coupon for breakfast, a free burger from two different restaurants, a free dinner in Bethesda, free appetizer in Germantown, a free burrito, and buy one, get one free dinner in Rockville. All in all I was covered for dinner for over a week. This got me thinking how smart these restaurateurs are. They know I’m not going to go to eat alone!

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