Wireless Communication

HME Wireless

HME_Logo_281 Businesses worldwide count on HME Wireless for onsite paging solutions that improve efficiency, enhance customer service, boost productivity, and increase sales. HME offers a comprehensive line of wireless paging systems for a diverse number of industries. Drive-thru headset systems and timers from HME work to optimize employee productivity and drive-thru service, speed and sales.

3M Wireless Systems

global_3M_logo Faster, more accurate orders. Improved communication. Better customer service. 3M is able to help you achieve these with the perfect combination of advanced technology, forward-thinking support and responsive service. Our wireless communication system is built to ensure years of efficient operations that can help grow your bottom line.

The 3M wired and wireless intercom systems for QSR drive-through, full-service take-out, convenience store communications, as well as many other applications, provide a variety of customizable communications capabilities. 3M intercoms are easy-to-use and deliver clear, reliable communications for increased sales and customer service.

Panasonic Attune II Wireless Audio System

panasonicAttune™ II is the most-effective, noise-cancelling headset system in the industry. Combine that with rugged headsets that can take 1,100 lbs. of crushing force and keep working, and you’ve got a system that can speed orders and save massive amounts in repair and replacement costs.

Every time a customer or an employee has to repeat an order, your business loses precious seconds. Attune II radically reduces every type of sound that can interrupt the conversation using three, key technologies: active noise cancellation, dynamic noise suppression and the DECT protocol.