Loss Management & Security

Video Surveillance Solutions

Protect Your Investment From Day One

  • Catch “sweethearters” in the act
  • Enhance your customers’ experience
  • Ensure proper cashier staffing to prevent customer back-up
  • Improve safety
  • Monitor cash handling activities and customer lobby
  • Monitor unattended deliveries
  • Reduce credit card theft
  • Reduce risk; mitigate liabilities

With long lines at the registers, cars piling up in the drive-thru, and proper handling of busy lunch shifts, we know you have a lot on your mind. From sweethearting and credit card theft to safety and accident prevention; not to mention keeping your restaurant profitable. What if you could get help with it all?

Video surveillance is the ideal security solution for fast food restaurants. Because of their constant flow of customers, long hours and high employee turnover rates, fast food restaurants and franchises are more susceptible to theft and other crimes than an average bar or restaurant. A well-installed video surveillance system can help keep your customers, employees and building safe. You have a significant investment and you want to protect it. Thorough planning of your security system can help ease your security concerns and provide a more productive operation.

Essential Systems Solutions can provide intelligent security and safety solutions to keep you in the know and clear of loss and litigation.

Panasonic is an industry leader known for its video imaging expertise and innovative technology. With a comprehensive line of intelligent analog, hybrid and IP video surveillance solutions, Panasonic’s performance, quality and reliability deliver all the security you need.

Evidence Collection Systems

The Panasonic digital evidence portfolio manages evidence from a single platform to increase officer safety while decreasing liability.

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Analog Security Cameras

Panasonic delivers the best in analog cameras to support and improve legacy video surveillance systems.

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Network Security Systems

Panasonic transforms system functionality and efficiency with i-PRO cameras that integrate easily into new and existing installations.

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Our recording solutions match the quality of our image capture to help build your end-to-end surveillance system.

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Encoders & Decoders

Bridging the gap between analog and IP, there’s no better way to get your analog cameras on the network than with Panasonic i-PRO encoders and decoders.

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Management and Control Systems

Panasonic delivers video management control solutions for virtually any size system with seamless integration of Panasonic’s complete line of video surveillance products.

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With a deep understanding of quick service and fast casual restaurants’ needs, an open technology platform and the widest range of application development partners in the industry, Axis Communications helps you build surveillance solutions designed specifically for your restaurants and can be deployed across your enterprise. Axis offers innovative video surveillance and access control solutions, backed by quality educational and customer services.
AXIS helps you in preparing your network video project
How to design a network video system depends on your application need and level of complexity.Main considerations: