Your Restaurant’s Food Pictures Suck






In today’s “insta-world” it is absolutely necessary for all restaurants market themselves online.  Of course you’ll need website and some kind of social media presence like Facebook and Instagram. You might event think about sending out email marketing campaigns to current and prospective customers.

The key factor that these marketing strategies have in common is that they have to be attractive. Other than the accuracy of information, the most important part of a restaurant website is that it must have great images or photography. When you show customers the tasty food you offer, it has a direct impact on their perception of our restaurant.

Potential new customers come to your website seeking your contact information, reservations, directions, and most importantly, your menu. Visitors will look for mouthwatering pictures that can tell them what the dining experience will be like. They will also be making judgements about your restaurant before even stepping one foot in the door

Some people use stock images on their websites during the design process, and sometimes this is a good thing as there are image providers that offer inexpensive, high quality images. Unfortunately, the biggest downside to using stock photos is that that the images are very generic and may not fully show those little details and nuances that make your restaurant and menu stand out from others. The result is an appealing looking, but generic website. Restaurateurs should consider investing in a professional photographer to take high quality pictures of the food you prepare. We know the cost of opening and maintaining a restaurant can increase daily, so if there’s no budget for a professional photographer, remember that we live in a day and age where nearly everyone has access to high quality cameras at a reasonable cost. If your restaurant is using poor photography then the potential customer is going to associate that with your brand. A blurry, poorly lit photo of your dinner entree could translate to a loss in sales.

People are visual creatures and what we see can leave a lasting impression, especially when it comes to food. Since the Internet cannot relay the taste or smell of your food, people are going to judge the quality based on the pictures you show. Better pictures can result in better engagement, and if you post some quality images on social media with links back to your website you’ll start to notice an increase in web traffic, and ultimately food sales.


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