Rental Options

A Cost Effective Option For Seasonal Events, including Kiosk Facilities or Remote Processing.
Having a POS system that works “on the road” and is synched with Quickbooks is the perfect solution for keeping your accounting records organized. These systems are equipped with rugged tablets that will make even the busiest traffic flow smoothly. Our mobile systems are fully functional – with software interface, scanner and printer. Your off-site crew won’t miss a beat and you can run your business without worrying about tracking receipts. Accept credit cards, cash and checks at your next event!

Here are some of the occasions when our customers rent POS systems:

  • Seasonal events with kiosks set up during food festivals, wine tastings, and flea markets
  • Holiday events, such as Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day
  • Catering and other mobile needs

Rent rather than buy? There may be other times when it makes sense to rent equipment rather than purchasing. It all depends on your needs, budget, and what’s right for your business. ESS offers a variety of rental options and will work with your company to determine the smartest and most budget-friendly solution.

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