JV’s Restaurant

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Excellent, quick service and great response with problem solving. They keep me informed on all activity involving the restaurant. Highly recommended.

Lorraine Campbell MobileBytes POS System August 22, 2017

Restaurant Business

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“I have been in the Restaurant Business for over 40 years. I don’t know how we ever lived without ESS and PixelPoint.”

Robert Zeender May 24, 2016

The Blair Mansion Restaurant

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“We already had an older POS System. We decided to go with ESS and PAR PixelPoint. The savings through increased efficiency have been enormous! Our main cost saving’s have come from the ability to generate detailed reports with our PixelPoint POS Software. We can generate these reports on demand! In the past, it took me hours to provide a report for a particular government agency. Now I have it in seconds! If you take a conservative guess of a restaurant owners time, at $150 an hour; reports that took two hours to generate, now take seconds. I have seen a cost saving of at least $300 per week. Furthermore, I can focus on what we do best at the Blair Mansion; provide great food, great atmosphere, and great Dinner Theatre Murder Mystery Shows which increases my cost savings even further.”

Ray Zeender May 24, 2016

The Union Jack Pub & Restaurant

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“Everyone has been really friendly and helpful. Very professional. It’s always so easy to get a hold of someone for help or questions. The PixelPoint system is a great system! The program works well, the reports are great and the data mining functions are fantastic. Pete, Patrick and Jason have been great to work with and a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend ESS! We are really happy with everything they did and I can’t think of anything more they could have done for us. If we need anything, everyone here knows all we have to do is call. We look at everyone at ESS as a friend, not just a business associate.”

Susan Touchette May 24, 2016

McDonald’s Restaurant

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“Very clean and accurate, a pleasure to work with.”

Bill Findlay May 24, 2016

McDonald’s Corporation

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“Have had the pleasure of working with ESS for over 15 years. Their services are OUTSTANDING!!!”

Jeff Bell May 24, 2016

Cooper – Atkins Corporation

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“Great responsiveness from the inside scheduling team. The install teams have been great too. They are good to work with and seem very responsive to ours and the customers’ needs. It has been a great, positive experience for Cooper-Atkins.”

Susie Payne May 24, 2016