Small Business Point of Sale Systems (POS) & Credit Card Processing

ESS provides state of the art point of sale systems and credit card processing for small business nationwide. Having the right POS system at a small business is valuable to both the business and the customer. The right hardware and software can process transactions quickly and securely.

Another benefit of a small business POS is for the opportunity for customers to purchase gift cards and loyalty cards right at the terminal. The terminals can be set up so that these programs can also be used to pay for products or services and accumulate rewards. Touch screen systems with visual products and services entice customers to make purchases and provide convenience.

There are a lot of point of sale options for small business to choose from. Standard processing equipment is typically placed at the front of the small business, but there are also several other options to choose from. Customers can pick from the services or products that they want with intuitive touch screens and pay at the same time.

ESS also provides credit card merchant accounts, point of sale system repair, servicing, and supplies for small business nationwide. From new systems, to repairing current technology and providing items like receipt paper and gift cards, small business owners can save time and money. POS systems are the backbone to every company, making it essential the right business partner is chosen.