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Essential Systems Solutions Is Your Single-Source Provider

For over 20 years, ESS has been a trusted provider of traditional, mobile, and cloud-based Point of Sale systems for restaurants, hospitality, and retail establishments.

Whether your business is local or nationwide, one-location or multiple franchises, ESS can work with you to find the best solutions to run your business and increase your profits.

Are you looking for an entirely new system? Do you want to add services to your already existing system? Either way, ESS is your solution provider. Our award-winning POS systems are customizable for the unique needs of your business.

How can a POS system help boost your profits while saving valuable time?

Here are just a few advantages to making this important business investment:

  • Greater profitability and efficiencies efficiencies result from the systems we design and install for your business.
  • Streamlines orders since they are sent directly from the dining room to the kitchen.
  • Cuts down on shrinkage or theft, waste, and misuse
  • Tracks inventory, identifies sales trends, and provides historical data to better forecast your needs
  • Reduces the time spent doing inventory, sales reports, and other important paperwork
  • Increases efficiency in the checkout process with barcode scanners and other features
  • Assists with business development through targeted advertising and incentive programs

Training and support.

While the benefits of a POS system are numerous, there is also a commitment to using it properly and to its fullest advantage. That’s why training is such a vital part of the process.

ESS doesn’t sell you a system and walk away. We pride ourselves on our after-installation care and support for all of our clients.

We want to ensure that you and your staff are trained and comfortable with all the benefits your new system has to offer.

A Wide Variety of Solutions – One Call To One Company For All Your Needs ESS is ready to partner with your business and find ways to run your operation more efficiently. We offer a number of solutions that boost your profitability:

  • Customer Facing Displays
  • Digital Signage and Menu Boards
  • Digital Video Surveillance
  • Drive-Thru Wireless Communications
  • Gift Cards/Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Intelligent POS Terminals
  • Kitchen Automation
  • Kitchen Automation
  • Merchant Credit Card Services
  • Online and Mobile Ordering
  • POS Hardware and Software
  • Satellite Music
  • Self-Serve Kiosks
  • Wait List Management

To learn more about how ESS can help your business, please complete the form on our Contact Us page and we’ll give you a call.

Professional Installation and Service

With locations in all major centers and service offices across the country, ESS is a trusted leader in system roll-outs. We tailor roll-out packages designed around your company’s unique needs, whether you have one location or thousands, ensuring they are on-time and on-budget.

Our diverse services include everything from multi-store roll-outs and software upgrades to upgrading system peripherals like printers and scanners.

In addition, your company will receive project management services and a single point of contact in order to coordinate installation, software upgrades, and service concerns.


Repair Depot

For repair issues, ESS offers our clients the flexibility to ship equipment to our Frederick, MD repair center or we can send our certified technicians directly to you.

For more information about our repair services, please visit our Repair Depot.